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Published in Promise and Progress 2018

Artist Maria Lanas accompanied her father-in-law to the Kimmel Cancer Center when he received a new experimental drug for his advanced melanoma cancer. “The infusions took several hours, and as I watched the drops slowly go down the tube into his body, I began to imagine the fight that was taking place in his body as the drug mixed with his blood,” says Lanas. She calls the artwork Infusions. “It represents the life and hope these new drugs offer to cancer patients, so I used the brightest colors on my paint palette,” says Lanas. She gave the paintings as gifts to the doctors and nurses who cared for her father-in-law, and one was auctioned to raise money for cancer research at the Kimmel Cancer Center.




"Hello Maria:
Thank you for the invitation. Your paintings are my screen savers at work. They are also on my wall over my desk. They remind me of how important this drug is. They remind me of all of the patients we have treated especially Mr. Matinrazm. They remind of life and how complex it is in all of its many forms. People come into my office and compliment the works. I always tell them it was you who created them. It was you who had the vision as you patiently sat there while Mr. Matinrazm was treated. I will do my best to get there. As the time approaches, I will let you know which date in hopes of seeing you. If you do not mind, I am going to forward this to a few of the other Drs. who are working with this

Congratulations and Good Luck with show!

Johns Hopkins University Hospital



My privilege to show such beautiful works that actually may help some people who go through terrible times. What can be said? But your work has some otherworldly attributes, like it might have been done by an angel!

Steven Stegner.

Baltimore MD



I love the bright and colorful ones! Interesting to view them with chemotherapy in mind. Lots of hope.

Joan J. 

Baltimore MD

Maria Lanas is a force of nature. her art reflects her personality and strength. I have been fortunate to know both: her life and her art. Rare are artists who can connect the two into a harmonious existence: to find a balance and to hold on to it. These paintings speak volumes with ultimate simplicity. Their abstraction carries a story of that which is near to us on a primal level but that which has all humanity struggled to describe and to comprehend. She lets the colors tell their story. She lets the colors hold emotions. She opens the doors for the viewer to connect and imagine. These paintings are personal and universal. They are honest and strong. They are bold and loud. They are gentle and kind. She carries them in every moment of her being.


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