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"Flow" Series.

The thought process behind the paintings is a series of unexpected and challenging personal experiences that made me think about the importance of "letting go"; to embrace and understand the unexpected.

In these paintings, I practiced the act of surrendering by letting go of my need to control the paint, shapes, how the colors mixed, and to accept and embrace the outcome.
I selected materials that I am familiar with and some that I am not.
I decided not to use any brushes. My only control of the paint was by my hands' and arms' action of moving the paper in different directions.
By doing this action, I had limited control of how the image, textures, and different mix of colors would happen.
My process was to apply thick and also extremely diluted, thinned paint to paper, allowing it to flow over the surface in effects sometimes suggestive of translucent color veils and completely thick layers that would cover many colors.
I soon realized that this act became a conversation between me and the paint. The use of mixed media and different materials created unexpected, uncontrollable, and beautiful surprises.
Each little painting is a reminder that it's good to let things "flow," to let go of what is no longer needed and embrace the unknown.
I dedicate these paintings to my brother and our journey.

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