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In 2014 during my exhibit in Kastav-Croatia, I had the opportunity to create a kindergarten art lesson for Vladimir Nazor English-speaking class students.

This art lesson turned into a global art initiative.

I am grateful to Mayor Ivica Lukanovic, Kristina Weiner, Helena Ninkovic and Edina Seleskovic for their friendship and unconditional support in this project.


Projekt Postcard cultural exchanges are formed by creating new sister schools in different cities around the world using Art and Technology as a medium for cultural exchange, extending our kids' vision beyond the constraint of our cultural boundaries, building interpersonal networks among kids with a different language, cultural backgrounds, and communities.

For the past seven years, more than 3000 children from Ecuador, Croatia, Uganda, Bosnia, USA, Chile, Mexico and Russia + have exchanged postcards.


Exhibits :

2014- "Cats of Kastav", Holy Trinity Chapel Gallery, Kastav Croatia

2015-"A walk through Kastav and Our Traditions", Croatian Embassy, Washington, DC 

2016-"One World", Dulles International Airport, Virginia

2018-"Postcards to Space", International Space Station, Space.
2021 -"Postcards to Space", Blue Origin-Club for the Future, on New Shepard.






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