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March 2015

Alchemical Vessels Exhibition + Benefit

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery

Infinite Love 

Vessel of infinite love:

As I began to work on this vessel, I drew inspiration from my own healing journey.
In 2006, I took a powerful approach to my healing process and sent love and chemo to my cancerous cells, allowing peace, wisdom, love, joy, light, trust, and power into my life. At the time, I had to accept the grief and sadness that came with my diagnosis of Choriocarcinoma, come to terms with the baby loss, and focus my energy on healing and surrender.

I painted my hands on the outside of the vessel to convey my message that I was trying to hold in my internal storm. On the interior, I depicted a blossoming flower. The pistil illustrated my disordered cells growing into healthy ones and eventually morphing into a mandala. The edge of the vessel was painted with petals in different shades of pink to symbolize the journey of transformation I had taken.

A golden thread is delicately painted, seamlessly traversing inside and outside of the vessel. It represents my sense of purpose, an internal compass guiding me through difficult moments as this experience continually altered my being.
This vessel is a symbol of my own healing journey and the importance of self-love, resilience, and trust. I am reminded that I can transform my storms into something beautiful if I choose to focus my energy on healing and self-love.

With this vessel, I hope to inspire others to use their own journey of healing and transformation to create something beautiful and meaningful.

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