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March 2015

Alchemical Vessels Exhibition + Benefit

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery

Infinite Love 

Vessel of infinite love: Fill my life with peace, wisdom, love, joy, light, and power.

My heart is forever grateful, and my life is completely changed.

As I began to work on this vessel, I took inspiration from my own experience.
Nine years ago, part of my process of healing was to send love and chemo to my cancerous cells and allowing peace, wisdom, love, joy, light, trust, and power into my life.
During my healing process, I learned to thank those cancerous cells for being a blessing in disguise.
With those thoughts in mind, I decided to paint on the outside of the vessel my hands holding my internal storm and on the inside the transformation of my abnormal and out of control cells to healthy cells turning into a big pink flourishing flower.

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